Actor Callbacks

Callbacks For Actors
Somebody Up There Likes You

You’ve gone to an audition, and they want you to come back to be seen again. What do you do? You go back, and do exactly the same thing you did the first time. You don’t worry about what you might have done differently at the first audition. After all, you’re back. You did something somebody liked.

Occasionally you will be asked to try other things at a callback. Don’t worry about it. The auditors want to see you in different circumstances. For them, your “talent” is not the question. They have other considerations when trying to match “types” or “relatives” and so forth.

You may be called back several times before a decision is made. Just keep true to the work you did at your first audition. Don’t allow yourself to feel pressured by the repetition.

That’s it. Do it.  🙂 

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