The Actors Studio

“To Illuminate The Life Of The Human Spirit”

There is only one real Actors Studio, the actors’ workshop long associated with “method acting”, headquartered in New York City with a branch in West Hollywood, California. This site is presented by TheatrGROUP, a St. Louis based online actors’ information site which offers lessons in method acting procedures learned at the Actors Studio, and at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute. This site is not officially affiliated with the Actors Studio.

History of the Actors Studio

A brief history of the Actors Studio, from conception to its present day organization. This section includes a rare article: The Moscow Art Theatre: A Model, by N. Ostrovsky (Published in 1917), and another very interesting article: Founders of the Modern Theatre, By Harold Clurman (Theatre Workshop, January – March, 1937).   Several valuable links are included in this section to lead the interested artist to further reading. 

Lee Strasberg on the Actors Studio

Lee Strasberg on the Actors Studio:   Five pages of valuable insight regarding the origin and purpose of the Actors Studio in Lee Strasberg’s own words. 

Friday acting session at the Actors Studio

What goes on in the Friday acting unit sessions at the Actors Studio-West?  This page will give the reader a personal perspective into what it’s like to be sitting in at a Friday acting unit session.

You can also expect to find numerous links to other valuable sites about the Actors Studio, Lee Strasberg, and “Method” acting.

We hope interested parties will find this information useful.

Harry Governick
Artistic Director
TheatrGROUP, Inc.

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